A membership that inspires women with service based businesses to ditch the content chaos and start creating stand out content that gets you noticed and makes sales.


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Are you ready to take control of your content and build an audience who loves you?

Content has the power to connect us all.

 It's up to you how you use it.


When you have The Content Effect, you stand out from your competitors and become the go-to expert in your industry. Creating content becomes easier (aka: un-salesy) and you can connect, nurture and convert your ideal clients without the hustle.

You'll start building a community of people who love you and are ready to buy from you and find more freedom and time to do the things that really light you up.

Let me show you how to embrace The Content Effect.

I see you, my friend . . 


>> Doing the busy work and spending lots of time creating your content but it seems like no-one’s even listening

>> Feeling sick and tired of being the world’s best kept secret and want to know how to best connect with your ideal client to make sales

>> Hiding in the corner hoping that your ideal client will find you

>> Feeling frustrated over the effort you are putting in and knowing that your content isn’t as strategic as it could be

>> Feeling confused about what type of content you should be creating and probably realising you’re wasting time by not having a plan

But imagine if you . . .


>> Knew exactly what your ideal client needed to hear from you so that it draws them in and keeps them wanting more

>> Had a content strategy that was fully aligned with your audience and business

>> Had a clear pathway to grow and scale your content strategy

>> Were surrounded by a community of women to support your growth

>> Could increase your reach and engagement without being salesy

>> Stop procrastinating and wasting time when in comes to creating engaging content.

There IS a way to finally be able to create stand out content that's easy and gets you noticed and remembered.

Welcome to The Content Effect.


"No more struggling and wasting time trying to figure out what to post next. I now have a ton of ideas, a weekly personalised plan for the next 12 months, and a strategy that makes the most efficient use of my time. Best of all, I feel confident and relaxed that my content will be consistent, professional and engaging."

Melissa Schulz, Melissa Kay Coaching

Hi! I’m Mel, the face (and heart) behind The Content Effect.


I created this beautiful experience to empower women like yourself to gain clarity around your content and become more confident that you have a unique message to share with the world.

After years of watching women struggle (and doing the same thing myself) with knowing what to create, I’ve developed a unique strategy to pull all those content ideas out of your head and then implement them quickly and easily, saving you a bucket load of time and energy.

Like you, I started my business for freedom and flexibility. Only to find out that doing #allthethings doesn’t always lead to the calm, stress free life you pictured! I get it.

There’s so much stuff that you could be doing, that you just don’t know the best place to start.

Now you have the answer you've been looking for.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You just need some support to turn it around.

This membership is for you if:


>> You're looking for more content ideas that attract your ideal client

>> You don't know where to start or how to organise your content to make it easy

>> You're feeling stuck and often uninspired

>> You feel like you're creating boring content that maybe misses the mark

>> You feel like there's little time in the day, you're scrambling, inconsistent, unstructured and overwhelmed with content creation

>> You're unsure if your content is good enough (hint: it is!)


You'll find everything you need to overcome your content overwhelm inside The Content Effect

Community Support

We make a bigger impact together. Learn, share and collaborate with like minded women in the dedicated Members Facebook Group

Dedicated Journey

Follow the easy action items to progress through your content journey, at your own pace. Take what you need. There's no falling behind!

Tools and Resources

Gain access to templates, training and tools as well as monthly group coaching calls where you can ask all your content questions


And in case you were wondering . . . 


This isn’t your typical off-the-shelf, copy and paste, templated content membership. There's no cookie cutter solutions here.


You’ll learn techniques and tools that will empower you to come up with strategic content that your ideal client will love. You’ll create a sustainable content system that aligns perfectly with you and your business, so you can create connected, authentic and stand out content. But don’t just take my word for it.

"I was feeling quite blah about my content creation and strategy. I really wanted to get back into it, but just couldn't work out how. Then Mel came along and got me excited about creation and strategy AND shared the tools and advice to make this all so easy. Now I can get blogs created, re-imagined, published, and out into the world instead of having all those ideas locked in my head. Which means more brain space for other business activities!"

Lizzie Carroll, Sprout Birthing

Here's what you'll experience as you move through The Content Effect journey


>> Create content that's worthy of your ideal client's time that gets you noticed and remembered

>> Leave the sales hustle cycle behind as you'll have a ready flow of warm leads

>> Create a CEO mindset to build a business based on authenticity and ease

>> Ditch the 'shoulds' so you can feel good about the way that you show up for your audience

>> Lean into your content superpower and that you can use it in a way that helps you create content with ease

>> Ditch your content chaos so you finally feel inspired and motivated to create stand out content

This is your journey. You get to do it your way.

And I'll show you how.

Your journey starts here

Follow The Content Effect Journey to determine exactly what you need right now. This isn't a course. You don't need to keep up. Take what you need, when you need it.

Dawn Walton

Inner Self Coaching

The Content Effect has helped me refine my content pillars and getting clear on one major piece that I can draw lots of content from. Yes, it's work in progress but that's my ultimate aim - one piece every week and let my posts and emails come from that. I love the re- imagination aspect too!

Christine Fernandez

Read Learn Love

Since joining I've turned my goals from thoughts into written statements. I've learned the importance of only committing to what I can do within my available time and effort. I'm learning to narrow down my ideal client and how to pre-plan. I also love having regular live access to Mel to ask questions.

Here's 3 things I know to be true:

  1. When you shift from transactional based content marketing, to one built on genuine relationships, you become more purposeful and experience personal and business growth.
  2. You don't have to do #allthethings. Business and life flows when you take into consideration the limits of your time, energy and resources.
  3. Our impact is greater when we come together.

The Content Effect embraces these 3 philosophies, giving you the tools, strategies, permission and support to show up how you want to, when you want to.

Because life is about choosing your own path, not following someone else’s.


Content creation becomes easier the moment we become more purposeful.


If you’re in this stage you’re trying to work out who you serve, what platforms to reach them on and what types of content you need to create. You're setting your vision and intention so that you can create stand out content.


If you’re in this stage you’re looking for content ideas to connect with your ideal client in a purposeful way. You’re starting to grow your email list so that you can serve more people with your value, knowledge and expertise.


If you’re in this stage you’re ready to be more organised and efficient with your content creation. You’re looking for ways to make it easier and flow with processes and automations.


If you’re in this stage you’re ready to be more purposeful with your content. You’re looking for strategic solutions so that you can make a bigger impact on your community.


If you’re in this stage you’re looking to use content to leverage your business growth and step into becoming the true leader of your industry, community and business.

Ready to help your content flow?

Join the growing community of members today ditching the content chaos for ease!


Monthly Membership

$47 pm

  • Monthly group coaching call with hot seat opportunities
  • New pre-recorded training material each month
  • Private Facebook community
  • Templates to make content creation a breeze
  • Access to library of previously released trainings
  • 90 Day Content Planning Sessions
  • NEW: Monthly content prompts
  • NEW: Monthly content co-working

Annual Membership - Get 2 months free

$470 py

  • Monthly group coaching call with hot seat opportunities
  • New pre-recorded training material each month
  • Private Facebook community
  • Templates to make content creation a breeze
  • Access to library of previously released trainings
  • 90 Day Content Planning Sessions
  • NEW: Monthly content prompts
  • NEW: Monthly content co-working

Everything you need is at your fingertips

Inside The Content Effect you'll get everything you need to make your life easier, so you can get back to the things that you really love like serving your clients, quality time with family and reading that book that's been sitting on the shelf way too long!

It's not just about you or me.

It's also about the 'us'

You'll be working alongside other women from all walks of life with service based businesses in a community built on trust and support. Together you'll inspire and motivate each other to create stand out content that matters.

Connect via our private Facebook Group and on our monthly calls.

Here's what you can expect inside The Content Effect >>


Understand the key elements of a magnetic message that draws in your ideal client

Begin to build an aligned audience who absolutely love you and are ready to buy from you

Ditch the 'shoulds' so you can feel good about the way that you show up for your audience

Ditch your content chaos so you finally feel inspired and motivated to create stand out content

Feel the freedom in creating a framework around how you show up consistently for your ideal client

Overcome your visibility vampires to have the confidence to show up  in an aligned way

You don't have to do this business thing alone.

I've got your back. 

Let's do this!

It's your time to shine.

Ditch your content chaos and start creating stand out content that'll leave your ideal client wanting more.