A simple done-with-you program that guides big-hearted entrepreneurs to follow their intuition and strengths to create content that is purpose-driven AND profit-focused.


Are you riding the rollercoaster of content creation and getting nowhere?

Let me introduce The Content Accelerator.

It’s exhausting when you’re trying to piece together bits of content advice and strategies. Should you focus on Instagram, create a podcast or venture into the world of Facebook Groups?

The truth is, the WHERE doesn’t matter. It’s the how.

The Content Accelerator is a 1:1 comprehensive program that guides you through creating a cohesive content strategy tailored to your unique strengths and personality. 

The secret? The Holistic Content Marketing Method™ that integrates your heart, mind, and soul.

After our 10 weeks together you’ll have a fully customised content strategy and plan for the future. You'll have a newfound confidence in your message, ready to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

No more second guessing yourself.

The Content Accelerator is for you if:

>> You want someone to co-create with you and help you in real time 

>> You want content creation that aligns with who YOU are

>> You seek a clear message to attract the right people

>> You aspire to become a sought-after speaker for podcasts and stages

>> You feel like your content is all over the place and need someone to bring it together logically

>> You feel like you’re giving away too much for free

>> You're unsure of where to focus and need guidance from someone who understands


I see you, my friend . . 

>> Feeling frustrated over the effort you are putting in and knowing that your content isn’t as strategic as it could be

>>  Struggling to find the perfect ChatGPT prompt that will give you all the content answers

>> Spending hours on Instagram, overwhelmed by random tips and trending audio

>> Wanting to outsource your content but not knowing where to start

>> Trying to find the perfect email marketing platform or content calendar with little success

>> Knowing that consistency is the key to visibility, but lacking the support to maintain it

Here's the reality. 

Without a well thought out strategy and system to support yourself to create consistent content according to YOUR strengths, your efforts will be a frustrating waste of your valuable time.

Imagine if you could:

>> Follow a clear path to develop, grow and scale your content strategy

>> Know exactly what to say and do, aligned with what lights you up

>> Spend LESS time on socials while still attracting leads and serving your clients

>> Have the freedom to plan and be proactive

>> Build a clear blueprint of how to show up without burning out

>> Receive the personalised expertise and support to make it all happen

There IS a way to attract clients you love working with in a simple and sustainable way.

Welcome to The Content Accelerator.



Join by 8pm Wednesday 12 June and you'll receive:

 * 50% discount on the official launch price.

* Pay in full upfront and get  6 months free access to my membership The Content Effect for ongoing support

Note: Beta participants will be required to provide feedback at the beginning, middle and end of the program

"I have been able to utilise the tools provided to become more consistent, reimagine and create more powerful content for my brand.

Sarah Aktag, Photographer and founder of Brand Eliza

Hi! I’m Mel, the face (and heart) behind The Content Accelerator.


I created The Content Accelerator because I saw so many big-hearted entrepreneurs struggling with content creation. They just needed a road map and brain space to make it happen.

After a few years of guiding women inside my membership The Content Effect and writing my book The Power of Content, I realised the need for an even faster transformation.

Like you, I started my business for freedom and flexibility only to find out that doing #allthethings doesn’t always lead a stress free life! I get it.

You know the pieces of content marketing, but struggle to bring them together quickly and easily. It’s easy to get lost in the noise.

Let’s create a quiet space where we can piece everything together. Just the two of us.

It doesn't have to be be confusing.

You just need some support to turn it around.

You'll find everything you need with

The Content Accelerator

Expert guidance

We'll build your strategy and plan together across 10 one hour personalised 1:1 sessions


Discover the best way for YOU to create content and we'll take action on it together


Utilise weekly feedback and reviews plus access to me during business hours for all of your questions


And in case you were wondering . . . 


This isn’t your typical off-the-shelf, copy and paste program. Cookie cutter solutions don't exist here because you are a unique individual.

You'll learn and implement techniques to use your heart, mind and soul to attract an audience that loves you and is ready to buy from you. You’ll create a sustainable content system that aligns perfectly with you and your business.

But don’t just take my word for it.

"Mel helped me get clear on my strategy and put a plan in place so that my content flows and there's a reason behind what I'm talking about. I now also know that I have permission to do things MY way!"

Michelle Hearne, Productivity coach

Here's what you'll experience as you move through The Content Accelerator


>> Understand what makes you unique and communicate this effectively to your ideal client

>> Gain clarity on your ideal client’s current state, their desires and how you can help them

>> Design a new lead magnet and email automation to attract and nurture your ideal clients

>> Unlock a wealth of content ideas and strategically plan your content for an entire year

>> Create a unique content flow, ready for outsourcing

>> Plan for consistency and growth

This is your journey. You get to do it your way.

And I'll show you how.

Your journey starts here

Follow The Holistic Content Marketing Method TM  to create a content flow that feels effortless This isn't a course or group program. It’s not even coaching.

This is action taking. 

Belinda Owen

Wordpress website design

My biggest challenge was getting my content out of my head on a consistent and regular basis. With Mel's help I've been able to repurpose more effectively and better utilise my Virtual Assistant to finally get it out into the world.

Christine Fernandez

Read Learn Love

Since joining I've learned the importance of only committing to what I can do within my available time and energy. I'm learning to narrow down my ideal client and how to pre-plan. I also love having regular live access to Mel to ask questions.

Here's 3 things I know to be true:

  1. Accelerated change only happens with the right support
  2. Content is easy when you're allowed to be more YOU
  3. Focus = Action = Momentum

The Content Accelerator combines my knowledge and experience in content marketing to ensure that you know exactly what you need to say in a way that's unique to you and no-one else.

Because life and business is about choosing your own path, not following someone else’s.


Content creation becomes easier the moment we become more purposeful.

Ready to turn your frustration into flow?

Join me for focused and exceptional support


1 payment upfront


Usually $1,950

  • 10 x 1 hour weekly 1:1 sessions
  • Weekly feedback videos
  • Business hours access via online portal
  • Instant access to pre-program material 
  • Online portal
  • All templates and systems 
  • Access to team members (for an additional cost)
  • 6 months FREE access to membership The Content Effect for ongoing support

4 monthly payments

$225 pm

Usually $500 pm

  • 10 x 1 hour weekly 1:1 sessions
  • Weekly feedback videos
  • Business hours access via online portal
  • Instant access to pre-program material 
  • Online portal
  • All templates and systems 
  • Access to team members (for an additional cost)

This program is for you if:


>> You're looking for accountability, expertise and guidance

>> You want personal attention to focus on what really matters with your content

>> You’re ready to go all in and finally get your content strategy sorted

>> You want expert eyes on your business to progress more quickly

>> You're looking to craft your thought leadership and make it happen

Not sure if it's the right option? Book a time and let's talk.


This program is NOT for you if:


>> You prefer to DIY

>> You’re not willing to be open

>> You think trends are the way to go viral and grow your business

>> You’re focused on short-term wins

>> You’re looking for a formula or copy-and-paste solution

>> You’re not ready to step into becoming the CEO of your business

"I feel supported on my content journey and know that there is a network to lean into. I also have a plan so that when I feel off track, I can come back to the plan and identify where I'm at and keep moving forward.

Chantelle King, Brand ignition and evolution guide

Here's what you can expect with The Content Accelerator >>


Show up with a consistent message

Expert 1:1 support that won't leave you in the lurch

Holistic solution that's as unique as you are

Never run out of content ideas again

Know what to create and when

Become the go-to expert that everyone knows

You don't have to do this business thing alone.

I've got your back. 

The FAQs

Let's do this!

It's your time to shine.

Ditch your content frustrations and start creating stand out content that'll leave your ideal clients wanting more.