Build your soulful sales funnel

17- 21 October

Create your non-salesy funnel that attracts an aligned audience who loves you and is ready to buy from you

Sick and tired of sales funnels that feel wrong?

Content has the power to connect us all.

 It's up to you how you use it.


If you're looking to build a sales funnel that feels good and attracts the right type of people into your community, come and join me for this 5 day challenge. The power of a soulful sales funnel is in your hands.

Over 5 days I'll show you how to: 

  • create the perfect lead magnet that calls in the perfect ideal client
  • build a sales funnel that feels good and is simple to put in place
  • make more sales without feeling salesy
  • know exactly what to say and when when it comes to your emails

An aligned email list is better than a big email list.

Hi! I’m Mel, the face behind this challenge and The Content Effect.


I created this beautiful experience to empower female entrepreneurs like yourself to gain clarity around your content and become more confident that you have a unique message to share with the world.

After years of watching women struggle (and doing the same thing myself) with knowing what to create, I’ve developed a unique way of approaching content marketing and sales funnels so that it feels good, not hard, heavy or hustle-y!

Like you, I started my business for freedom and flexibility. Only to find out that doing #allthethings doesn’t always lead to the calm, stress free life you pictured! I get it.

There’s so much stuff that you could be doing, that you just don’t know the best place to start.

Now you have the answer you've been looking for.

Attract the RIGHT people, rather than all the people

Soulful sales funnels is for you if you're:

>> Unsure what your lead magnet should be or how to get it out into the world

>> Confused where to start with a sales funnel

>> Feeling stuck, uninspired or overwhelmed when it comes to sales funnels

>> Always seem to be on the back foot when it comes to your content

>> You feel like your email marketing isn't quite hitting the mark


Here's what to expect:

  • Monday 17: Set yourself up for soulful sales - Use the power of content to your advantage
  • Tuesday 18: Create the perfect lead magnet become the unique voice in a crowded digital market so you can attract an aligned audience ready to buy from you
  • Wednesday 19: Map your soulful sales funnel - Know exactly what to say and when to create your soulful sales funnel
  • Thursday 20: Nurture your community - use email marketing automations to nurture and convert your ideal client
  • Friday 21: Bringing it all together - let's talk tech, promotion and getting your soulful sales funnel flowing with ease


  • Daily support inside of our dedicated Facebook Group of kick-ass women
  • Workbook to record your 'aha' moments and ideas

Let's do this!

I'm ready, are you? Join the conversation already happening inside The Content Project Facebook Group and get ready for an epic week.